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Liberalism is openly demonizing Sarah Palin for crude comments about poor people, but lauding Hillary Clinton as a feminist icon, despite her polices calling for the decimation and unlawful occupation of various Global Southern societies, which includes women.

Liberalism pays more attention to shallow, baseless commentary from Huff Post and Jezebel on “diversity” in the Senate than actual foreign policy enacted by such Senate.

Liberalism applauds governmental representation of and views insitionalized -isms against people of color, women and LGBQT folks obselete from said representation, despite the current state of American terror on women, people of color and LGBQT community, here and abroad remaining the same since its inception.

Liberalism oversees the same oppression as conservatism, while considering itself antagonistic.

Liberalism decides its the perfect time to debate on “who wore it better” between the potential first ladies during a foreign policy debate when presidential candidates discuss how they plan to continue their destruction of black and brown societies.

Liberalism calls for warmongering in the day and “saving the children” in the afternoon.

Liberalism tries to see the police’s “viewpoint” through a sea of slain black youth.

Liberalism is the most self-congratulatory, masturbatory garbage enaction of progressive ideology.


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by night

"When the night comes, the starry sky reflects on its surface like in a mirror, and you have the feeling of being in space."

When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.
Stevie Nicks  (via fuckyeah-radicalfeminism)




once when i was little, i claimed it was a teacher’s work day so i wouldn’t have to go to school and mom’s not an idiot so of course it didn’t work, but when we got to the school, we found it was a teacher’s work day and that made me think i had super powers so i started trying to kill classmates with my mind to confirm the theory

You thought you had super powers so you immediately attempted to murder everyone

go big or go home

could have worked by now on some of them.

pretty sure the only thing keeping me alive most days is the commitment i made to my 7 houseplants.


I wonder at what point in my life led me here, where I just causally contemplate suicide with whatever’s at hand, in this case, insufficient ambien to take down my fat ass.

i remember when i was young wanting to kill myself would make me feel so sad. but now its just this thing that im comfortable with. and preferable to my meaningless going-nowhere life. my life isn’t sad other than it having been such a waste. its just a nothing. and so suicide feels like nothing too. sometimes i only feel like im still alive because the options i’d prefer arent available. everyone here in korea jumps off high rises or drinks pesticides. im still a westerner in that i dont find those very palatable. im at the point where i’ve tentatively put off deading myself until better means of deading myself become accessible.

Sorry, am I making this all about me? I do shit like that cuz I’m terrible and dont know how to human. I apologize in that i would like to human better at other humans but i am more like a dumb little animal than a working-brained person.

looking for a little help

I have to travel to Osaka Japan tomorrow til Wednesday (5 days total) from where I live in Korea so my Korean work visa will finally come through. But i’m super broke because I haven’t been able to work without it (Been held up since the US government shutdown last year). Japan is the most expensive country in the world. I aint looking for much, but if someone on here near Osaka could let me sleep on their floor or couch for a night, it would mean an awful lot to me. thanks.

date ideas

date ideas





Oscar Moreau is a group made up of marginalized people working together to create media starring marginalized people.  Our current project, Rep N Red, needs a writer that can work well with others, but also take initiative and go with their own inspiration, as well.  To audition, please attach/link us to a short sample of your work in an introductory email to us at

Even if you personally do not plan on auditioning, please, signal boost for your followers that might be interested!


Polly Pocket 1996 Disney The Lion King Playcase Compact, Nala & Simba Relief On The Lid

I had this one as a kid and I’ve thought fondly back on it within the last month.


Polly Pocket 1996 Disney The Lion King Playcase Compact, Nala & Simba Relief On The Lid

I had this one as a kid and I’ve thought fondly back on it within the last month.